Dragon Ball FighterZ celebrates Goku Day with this incredible tribute Pure nostalgia!

A trailer shows scenes from the video game to the sound of the music from Dragon Ball GT.

May 9 commemorates the Goku day, and Dragon Ball Fighter Z has not wanted to miss the opportunity to celebrate such an event with a fantastic tribute video that collects some of the most spectacular moments of Son Goku in this great fighting video game developed by Arc System Works.

Bandai namco and this reputed Japanese studio have chosen not by chance to use the music of Dragon Ball GT, because today the new character is also released Son Goku GT DLC, which we can see in action in the incredible new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This new character can transform into SSJ4 to bring out his maximum power, although we will also see him transformed into Super Saiyan and SSJ3 at specific moments of combat, when he meets certain conditions. Among his most devastating techniques we find the iconic Genkidama that will launch faster than the original version of Goku.

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