Dominate every tank hero in Overwatch

A guide with ins and outs and techniques to take advantage of D. Va, Orisa, Reinhardt and more.

Don't be fooled: experience is one of the best teachers there is in life. Play a lot, and you will end up learning to handle any character, from any game. But in 3DJuegos we can slightly speed up the learning process if you want dominate all tanks from Overwatch. That's what this guide is for!

D. Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston and Zarya are the characters available on the official servers as of July 4, 2018. But you know how these things are, Blizzard constantly updates its hero arena with changes and new characters. Wrecking Ball, in fact, is already playable on the PTR. The Complete Overwatch Guide, on the other hand, has helpful information on other heroes and items in the game that you might want to check out.

Overwatch Guide - Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Take this guide as an orientation table of exercises, hints and tips that you must practice to master each character. We strongly recommend that you expand the information we offer you here with dedicated YouTube channels, external web tools with updated information on the parameters of each character and all the material that you consider appropriate.

D.Va "I play to win!"

General information

  • D. Va's Skills and Story (Blizzard)
  • D. Va's Stats (

Keys and tips

D. Va is an agile and versatile character. It can be used to block almost any type of offense - including some ultimate abilities and attacks as powerful as Bastion's turret mode - breaking shields, cutting off flanking enemies, and features a high-stakes ultimate ability with the potential to take down almost any enemy hero.

Its defense matrix only lasts a few seconds and shouldn't be wasted on small attacks, but it's enough to completely nullify abilities as dangerous as Zarya and Mei's ultimate, or to momentarily protect your allies from shots from Hanzo or Widowmaker, or from Torbjörn or Bastion, for example. He can also momentarily compensate for the breaking or regeneration of Reinhardt's shields, weaken those of enemy Orisa or Reinhardt, and perhaps more importantly, use his own mech as a bomb.

This last ability, combined with flight, requires skill and precision; But perhaps your ability to predict and your mental game is even more decisive. If you throw your mech too high or too low to the ground, an enemy Reinhardt can absorb the blast without any mishap. And Zarya could even benefit from it. What is the solution? Without a doubt, attend to key moments where the enemy is dispersed, separated or building a formation that you can break. Throw your mecca always further forward than upward.

Orisa "I only act according to my parameters"

General information

  • Orisa's Skills and Story (Blizzard)
  • Orisa's Statistics (

Keys and tips

Orisa does not have good mobility, but she does help and control the terrain well. It works in a similar way to Reinhardt, but the positioning of the shield is more decisive. In return, he can fire while shielding himself, which is a very good alternative for when equipment damage is lacking. For example, if you bring Orisa, Brigitte, and two healers.

The trick of this character is knowing how to position it, and not only the hero himself, but also his shield and his ultimate. A good Orisa player will put his shield closer to enemies when he sees weaknesses and wants to invite his allies to push them, and close to himself when he wants to avoid direct collisions or has problems with Pharah or Widow, for example.

The magnetic pulse, for its part, is also key. It can be used both offensively to knock people off the map and defensively, to ward off a dangerous opponent, or even to give an ally a key shot, like Tracer, Genji, or Reaper's ultimate, for example.

Reinhardt "I am your shield!"

General information

  • Reinhardt's abilities and story (Blizzard)
  • Reinhardt's Statistics (

Keys and tips

Reinhardt is perhaps the most standardized, versatile and popular tank from Overwatch. Their skills have never been over-changed - they don't have to. Reinhardt needs to handle his shield naturally, and that doesn't mean constantly wearing it up. Sometimes it's okay to hold the front line and let a few direct shots in - you'll help charge up your healers' abilities and encourage the enemy to take risks. But it is also true that you need to keep it up for most of the time because it is most likely a protection that the rest of the allies are constantly using.

When should you lower the shield? Well, in several situations that we will try to summarize here.

  • To recharge it, after enduring various dangerous abilities and you think you can physically absorb the damage that comes next.
  • When you need to retreat quickly. Jump back and raise the shield only while in the air. This way you will go faster than if you just jump with the shield raised, and you will distribute the damage better between the shield and the armor.
  • To launch energy forward, which is the fastest way you have to charge the ultimate ability. If you can hit multiple enemies at once, all the better.

Predicting the enemy is very important too. Normally, what is immediately in front of Reinhardt is another Reinhardt, so you will have to learn to identify and interpret certain suspicious behaviors, such as the enemy keeping their shield up as they approach you. That most likely means he's going to cast his ultimate. And of course, the enemy movement reading helps you calculate the trajectory of the energy launch. It is important that you touch several enemies to recharge the final before.

Roadhog "The Apocalypse exists: it's me"

General information

  • Roadhog Skills and Story (Blizzard)
  • Roadhog Statistics (

Keys and tips

Roadhog is the best example for exert and absorb damage. It has no way to protect itself, but to heal itself. Since while heals he also takes half damage, it is very important to manage the ability and use it at times when the damage is greatest. So you want to heal while running away, and if you are very low on health, then turn around to heal and keep your face (weak point) away from the opponent's bullets.

It is important to learn to measure the damage you are going to receive as you approach the enemy from one flank or another, for example. You can't just throw yourself, but you won't do much either if you just fire your hook over and over. Therefore, positioning is very important. And it's also offensive, because you can hook someone up with your chain and then turn the camera to throw them off a cliff, for example. And if you are very skilled, you can use the grapple to lead enemies to Reaper, Zarya, Pharah or Hanzo (for example) to maximize the effect of your allies' ultimate.

That is why Roadhog excels at one-on-one, in the art of breaking and breaking strategies, dislodging key targets, dragging or pushing Reinhardt to render his allies defenseless, and facing important rivals such as Tracer or Zenyatta (whom he can kill with a single hook and shotgun combo). However, Ana or Reaper can find the tickle very easily. You're almost entirely reliant on healing, so if you can't absorb enough damage, don't even try!

Winston "Imagination is the key to discovery"

General information

  • Winston Skills and Story (Blizzard)
  • Winston Statistics (

Keys and tips

Winston is a key character to hinder the enemy team. It's probably the best when it comes to sneak between rivals, smash someone and run away while watching the other team's structure unravel. Mercy, Symmetra, or Genji are easy prey for Winston, but others that do a lot of damage in a few shots — Reaper, Doomfist, Pharah, Roadhog — can finish him off in a flash.

The shield is precisely as an aid. It is very fragile, but will generally cover you enough to keep you alive for a few seconds among the opposing team. Playing bubble in and out can help you survive in a bind while your jump recharges, but sometimes it won't be enough. Remember that your ultimate will heal you instantly, and can help you jump very long distances, in no time.

Zarya "I want to hug you like a huge furry Siberian bear"

General information

  • Zarya Skills and Story (Blizzard)
  • Zarya's Statistics (

Keys and tips

Zarya charges her cannon, absorbing damage from the bubbles she throws at herself and her allies. The cannon can come in handy to throw back characters like Reaper, D. Va or Genji, the kind that surround you dangerously. But of course, you must learn to control the rate of charge and recharge of energy. If you do it right, you will gradually load the barrel and turn it into a lethal weapon for anyone. If you die before that happens, you will be a useless slot for your team.

It's like Zarya will evolve or advance in stages. Easier said than done, but in general you will want to stay back and protect your allies a lot, and reserve the bubble you place on yourself for situations where you really need them. Thus, you will always start playing defensively. And as you accumulate more energy, you can get closer and closer to your opponents. This will also be necessary to avoid wasting the accumulated power in the barrel, which decreases over time.

But the best you have is the ultimate! Save it to combine with Genji, Pharah, Tracer, Reaper or Hanzo and wreak havoc in seconds. Communication with your allies also comes in there, don't forget to remind them of your ultimate ability status and coordinate with them. Never throw that ultimate to save yourself or if you have few living allies, because it is an invaluable resource that can turn the game around.