Dolmen: Space Dark Souls Doesn't Reach Its Kickstarter Goal

The action RPG was intended to raise $ 90,000 and has fallen below half. It will continue in Crytivo.

When we announced to you about a month ago that Dolmen was seeking support on Kickstarter, it seemed quite likely that this proposal that self-labeled itself as a Action-RPG space character with strong influences from the Dark Souls saga. However, he has failed to achieve his goals.

Its crowdfunding campaign included various incentives, such as images, videos, and a playable demo for those who supported the project. Sadly none of that has served to make the video game of Massive Work Studio has managed to reach its goal of $ 90,000, and it is that it has stayed at slightly less than half: $ 42,701.

"The campaign may not have been so successful in terms of completing our funding, but we did not intend to complete all the goals. We have gained something more valuable and precious during this process: You!", They explain from the study, remembering that they have open the game in Crytivo. "Dolmen crowdfunding will continue at Crytivo, and we need the Alpha testers to stand by our side again as we embark on the next part of Dolmen's journey."