DogChild, Winner of the 2014 PlayStation Awards, Debuts on PS4

The adventures of Tarao and his owner, Tarpak, in pursuit of protecting the world's animals.

DogChild He won the 2014 PlayStation Award, a circumstance that opened the doors to launch his own creation on PlayStation 4 and a series of interesting awards that has facilitated the development of his video game. The wait has been long, but the day has finally arrived: DogChild will be launched throughout the day, Dec. 24, on the PlayStation Store.

The studio director Animatoon, Dario Avalos, stated in the presentation of his game that “an idea based on a vital experience. I had a dog named Tarao, who passed away three years ago, and who has been with me for the last twenty years. I lived a lot of adventures with him, in addition to the companionship and happiness that a dog can give you when you are alone and you realize that you have a four-legged friend who helps you through difficult times. "

In the software we play a teenage boy and his pet: Tarpak and Tarao. The objective is to end the evil aspirations of a group that only seems interested in harming the animals of the world. A game of 12.99 euros faced for the PlayStation 4 children's audience.It will be released throughout the day.