Dissidia Final Fantasy will be expanded with a new character on August 27

Square Enix is ​​preparing a great arcade game tournament in Japan. There he will announce it.

Everything that comes out in the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy will end up being launched also in the domestic edition of the software that will reach Playstation 4, still undated. So it is good news to know that Square enix will expand its roster of characters, at least, with a new hero next August 27th.

The date coincides with a tournament that will be held in Japan on the same date, a sort of national championship that will have the culmination of this announcement. According to the American portal Siliconera, there will be new information on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All Star Carnival and the announcement of a new Final fantasy for mobile phones.

The last two characters announced have been two mythical characters of the franchise: Kefka from Final Fantasy VI and Kain from Final fantasy iv.