Halo Infinite narrative director says he understands fans' disappointment and vows to honor franchise legacy

The claims of the community do not fall on deaf ears.

Microsoft and 343 Industries are still in damage control mode, after last week's Halo Infinite gameplay demo generated mixed reactions from the community. Now it has been Dan Chosich, the game's narrative director, who has come out to try to restore the trust of the fans, by ensuring that he knows how the fans feel and commit to deliver a product worthy of the franchise legacy.

I want to live up to the legacy that Bungie left behind. "They've taken the initial reaction to Halo Infinite and all the hype, and made a gaming joke, with textures from my # * da and worst lighting effects. Is this your new motor? Five years for this?"A follower asked several members of the study on Twitter, to which Chosich replied:" I've been in your shoes. I know what it's like to be full of expectations and then to be disappointed. I want you to know that your voice matters and is heard. [Your comments] do not fall on deaf ears. I always want to live up to the legacy that Bungie left behind. Personally, I am very concerned about honoring that. "

Halo Infinite was the star game of last week's live Xbox Games Showcase and the demo with around 10 minutes of gameplay left many concerns about the appearance of the game. In fact, graphics experts have taken part in the debate to explain why the title looks like this.

Of course, Chosich is not the first to try to calm the waters. Aaron Greenberg, head of the Xbox marketing area, stressed that what was seen corresponds to a project in development, while Chris Lee, head of 343, said something similar. "We are definitely still fully in development, there are things to polish and adjust, which the studio is working on, to show fans the true potential of our experience later this year. "

Halo Infinite has no release date yet, but it should debut before the year is out.

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