Detroit: Become Human presents its protagonists in video

Sony lets us know new details about Kara, Connor and Markus.

Three new videos, one for each of the protagonists of Detroit: Become Human, allow us to know new details of the three characters that we will control in this long-awaited PS4 adventure developed by the authors of Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls.

Dubbed into Spanish, each video shows a hitherto unknown part of the lives of these three characters. TO Markus, leader of the revolution, we will see him interact with an older man played by the actor Lance Henriksen, known for playing the role of Bishop in the mythical Alien saga. Kara, for his part, he will deepen his relationship with the girl Alice who lives in a violent and unstructured family environment.

Finally we can see [b] Connor, "the most advanced android ever built by the Cyberlife company", on his mission to discover why millions of androids diverge and behave erratically. We can control these three characters in Detroit: Become Human when the [b] Quantic Dream video game goes on sale on May 25.