Detroit: Become Human, they insist, will arrive in spring

Sony and Quantic Dream remain to confirm the exact release date.

This same week we finally knew the exact release date for God of war, one of the great exclusives of PS4 promised for this year. But there are still as many to announce their official premiere days. This is the case of Detroit: Become Human, whose creators in a recent tweet have existed that they will be ready to submit to the verdict of the critics and the public this spring.

It remains to wait a while to be able to mark your landing on the calendar. Detroit: Become Human is the new adventure from Quantic Dream, authors of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, and encourages users to enter a tense vision of the future where humans and androids maintain a delicate coexistence and the decisions you make create the story around the protagonist.

In November we had our last contact with the production. You can check the playable impressions of Detroit: Become Human on the 3DJuegos pages.