Destiny: recreating Cayde-6's weapon in real life

Replica maker Impact Props presents their latest work inspired by Bungie games.

The studio specialized in video game weapon replicas Impact Props has presented his latest works inspired by the saga Destiny. If almost a year ago we saw how the Destiny 2 actors received an impressive gift from Bungie created by them, today we highlight their new version of Ace of Spades, Cayde-6's iconic weapon.

Impact Props has shared images of the final finish of the weapon on their social networks. The replica looks spectacular, with details as interesting as a real spinning drum. Although the paint finish is different, the model is similar to that received by actor Nathan Fillion from the game studio. And if this handgun seems spectacular to you, don't miss this Whisper of the Worm.

You can enjoy other works from the studio on its website, and if you dare, enjoy the new update of Destiny 2: Forsaken, whose new raid has been overcome after 18 hours of play on the weekend of its premiere.

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