Destiny 2 will hit stores with a white PS4 Pro pack

PS4 Pro had not yet abandoned the black: it goes to the White Glacier.

A few days before the start of the beta of Destiny 2, Sony has confirmed that he will wear white to his PlayStation 4 Pro the next September 6th to receive the software Bungie with a very special pack. It will include the aforementioned PlayStation 4 Pro in Glacier White color, a Dualshock 4 matching and a copy of Destiny 2.

Activision Y Sony They agreed on a temporary exclusivity in the content that will be released from Destiny 2 from the premiere of the video game in Playstation 4. It will allow the players of the Japanese platform to enjoy the content before the users of Xbox One Y computer, a version that does not yet have a confirmed release date.

Destiny 2 beta begins on PlayStation 4 next July 18; Xbox One will be playable on day 19 of the same month; the test will be open from July 21 to 23 for all current generation console users.