Discover secrets in the Dream City of Destiny 2 Forsaken

A guide with everything you need to know to challenge the post-credit content of the expansion.

It doesn't look like Bungie was kidding when he announced that Destiny 2's Dream City - Forsaken would be "Destiny's most ambitious post-credit content to date," and by now you've likely run into a problem moving forward or a mystery. incomprehensible. In this guide, we are going to help you understand its mysteries, secrets and how to progress.

And, as you know, the Dream City does not include any kind of guide. No one is going to tell you what to do, where to go or how to move forward. And yet it has its own story and campaign and you need to rise to the occasion to take advantage of the best the game has to offer. Now, we warn you in advance that what we leave you next is only the peak of the iceberg: there is a lot of content that is still a mystery to this day and that we will not finish understanding for weeks or months.

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How to enter the Dream City

Once you complete the campaign for Destiny 2 - Forsaken on the Tangled Shore, you will be able to access the beautiful and complete Dream City. But don't get too excited yet, only especially cool guardians are allowed. And there are a few things you should do before entering.

  • Talk to Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey and The Spider to get the Broken Talisman of the Insomniacs. Once repaired, it will be your access card to the Dream City. The Spider will give you three tasks to complete during the process.
  • Obtain the Talisman Fragments by completing Lost Sectors of the Tangled Shore. Open the map and look for the icons of a point with two semicircles on top, they have no loss. You must also kill 300 Taken from any source. The contract itself says where you can find them, but we recommend that you give Gambit a try if you have other contracts related to that activity as well. After that, you must complete Public Aether Gathering Events (not mandatory on Heroic) and return to The Spider.
  • After this, you will have to complete a couple of additional story missions where you will take your first steps in the Dreaming City and pay off your debts with The Spider. And don't pay much attention to Toland, you probably won't understand anything he says until you delve into the game's universe.

Power levels from 500

It won't take long for you to realize that the Dream City has no qualms about sending you out for a ride as soon as you wander through a high-level area, like Rhea Silva and the surrounding area. And to make matters worse, you will notice that leveling up is a bit more difficult than before. What's going on here?

What happens is that the power level 500 mark a 'softcap' in the progression of the game, which means that by the time you finish the campaign you will have to start worrying about leveling up by doing specific tasks. For example, blue items will no longer help you climb, but legendary items and specific rewards will. And there is more to go up to the top of 600.

  • Go up to 500 simply by completing the campaign and playing raids, Crucible, public events, or anything else.
  • Between 500 and 520, you must collect legendary items that we would label as "T2 and T3", such as weekly feats, primordial engrams, contracts or in the rewards of certain activities.
  • The level curve becomes steeper between 520 and 540.You will be able to level up with primordial engrams, weekly feats, rewards for completing the Nightfall with a higher score than suggested, ranking up factions and passing saves in the raid. But the best thing for you is undoubtedly completing Petra Venj's weekly contracts rigorously.
  • Between 540 and 560, the Primordial Engrams, the Raid, and the Heroic version of the Blind Well will be your best allies.
  • It is difficult to determine how to level up from 560 because at the time of writing there are very few players in the world with this power, but supposedly the standard difficulty raid is the key to reaching level 580, and from there only the heroic version (Petra's challenge) will help you continue.

Petra Venj's contracts

As soon as you reach Petra Venj, you can pick up contracts that will help you understand the Dream City and progress in it. You can also equip armor from the 'Reverie Dawn' set, which gives you 5% cumulative damage throughout the location in exchange for approximately 1% extra damage on your part. Additionally, certain unique contracts reward you with mods that remove this handicap.

There is some progression to Petra's challenges. For example, some are bought with lumen and others with dark fragments, and some require a certain item to achieve a audience with Mara Sov that you only get in a previous contract. It's a bit chaotic. We advise you to follow these steps.

  • Buy all the contracts you can, especially the daily ones and the one that is completed by finishing 8 daily contracts.
  • Complete the weekly contract that requires doing 8 daily, although you will need a couple of days for it. Meanwhile, accumulate Dark Shards by opening chests, completing Heroic events and rounds of the Blind Well, and with daily bounties.
  • Get 40 Dark Shards to buy your missing Weekly Bounty, which asks you to complete an Ascendant Challenge. To do that, you need an item called 'Tincture Queensfoil' that is randomly obtained by completing Heroic Public Events or by purchasing it from Huginn's skull, going down the elevator from a temple north of Rhea Silva.
  • Once the Ascendant Challenge is completed (we'll get to that later), you'll be able to redeem a couple of contracts in a row and have an audience with the Queen, who will grant you specific rewards for the Dreaming City and help you get up to level and damage. .

Ancestry and ascending challenges

The Dreaming City does not reveal its secrets with the naked eye: to find many of them it is necessary to be ascending, a state of temporary realization. Once you enter this state, your body takes on the appearance of possessed and you can interact with previously hidden elements, such as interdimensional platforms or portals.

To be ascendant, as we told you above, you need a consumable item called 'Tincture Queensfoil', found by looting treasure chests by completing Heroic Public Events or by buying it from Huginn, the skull of an Ahamkara found in a temple north of Rhea Silva. You must go down an elevator to find him at the back of a room. Ask for 50 baryon stocks (Bayron's Bough) in exchange.

The rising challenge, meanwhile, appears in random places each week. We can't list all the challenges here because we haven't discovered all of the challenges yet, but we anticipate that they are puzzles and mini-games that take place on other existential planes and that often have to do with completing objectives as quickly as possible while being harassed by champions. abyssal and countless forces possessed. Keep an eye on your favorite channels or forums to stay in the know, at least until we can list all of them.

Heroic Public Events Most events in the Dreaming City are well known today, such as the Taken Plagues from the base game. But others are completely different. We help you with them.

Crack generator: In the Coast Rift Generator event, simply proceed as normal until you kill a wave of enemies. Stay tuned: Enemies are coming from the front, left or right. Along with the abomination that comes out at the end of each attack, a huge dark sphere also appears that you must destroy as quickly as you can. If you repeat the process with all waves, Possessed Mages will appear right where the generator. Kill them.

Killing the mages takes you to an ascending plane where you will face an abyssal champion and a group of mages and hordes of possessed. Take out the mages (the Taken will keep swarming constantly) and destroy the champion to complete the event. If you appear in the normal world, you can re-enter through a nearby rift.

Collecting Ether: In this event, you will have to kill three rogue lieutenants and a huge abomination at the end. Notice that after each lieutenant a cloud of energy appears that flies towards you. Destroy each cluster of all lieutenants before they hit to challenge the boss in heroic mode.


To the east of the Dream City you will find a place called Blind Well, which houses an 'endgame' activity similar to Escalation Protocol, the Archon Forge or the Court of Oryx. In it, we face opponents of increasing difficulty in search of a chest of rewards. Let's explore the mechanics a bit better and why you want to play it.

In the Blind Well, we have some safe areas with a damaging fog all around. We must enter and stay alive in the highlighted safe zone and kill enemies from there to fill a percentage with which we advance to the next level. Easy right? Well, apart from the fact of surviving we have to manage a 'buff' called harmony, which is achieved by defeating certain enemies baptized as anathemas. By catching the orb of light they release, we get 15 seconds of harmony.

Harmony recharges your super ability almost instantly, allows you to explore the map without taking residual damage and most importantly, damaging enemies with a light shield. Once they lose their shield, any member of the team can end their life. Mastering this technique is crucial to completing any round of the Blind Well, which scales in difficulty from level 1 to 3 (and one to three abominations appear at the end, respectively) and in a heroic version at 580 recommended power, which has its own challenges. To participate in any level, you will need a certain charge that is obtained as a reward from the Blind Well itself or by buying it directly from Petra Venj.

Most of the rewards are generic and will not give you anything that you will not find by exploring and completing contracts, but from level 2 you can get a Seed of Light, an exceptional consumable that can be exchanged for nothing more and nothing less than another subclass that I don't have yet. And you would still need another, which is what comes next.

Last Wish Raid

Alas, the raid! While the guide for this tough mission arrives, you'll have to settle for knowing that high-level items will be dropped on you here, if you're up to it. You cannot enter until you have at least 520 power points, but the first challenge already starts at 560. We do not recommend that you enter if you do not have a group of level 540+ from the beginning.

Now when you enter and defeat Possessed Kalli, you will have a high chance of getting your second Seed of Light right there. At the time of this writing, it appears that there are other ways to obtain this item beyond the raid, but they are nothing short of a mystery. Hopefully in time we will discover all the secret chests, and the heroic mode (return of Petra). But there is no time for that.

Weekly Rotation After the first raid party completed Last Wish, the first Weekly Rotation event of the Dreaming City occurred: a cycle of changes affecting the atmosphere of the area, as well as the available activities. Visit Petra Venj regularly to find out what activities are available - some drop very good rewards.

Secrets, puzzles and events

In the Dream City, there are puzzles and secrets even behind the stones. Sometimes even above or below. To list them all we would need a separate guide, but we leave you with some that we consider important as a preview.

Offerings for cats: It is possible that you will find some disturbing statues of cats scattered throughout the Dreaming City, usually placed in the strangest places and in suspicious positions. As you approach, you will probably read a message that says "you are missing something." If you present an offering to them, they will give you gifts in the form of weapons and legendary equipment. These offerings are found in Lost Sectors, the Blind Well, or even chests, but they are very rare to find. Cat rewards also don't usually give you anything above your current level.

Saboteurs: In Rhea Silva, Possessed Saboteurs can appear with about 45 minutes of rest. If you find one, defeat it to spawn a charge. You will have to look for a well of blue light to relieve the weight of the ball, and collect an insomniac load to the insomniac statue with a pedestal. Depositing the load will make a boss appear accompanied by knights and mages. Destroy his companions to get charges, and throw those charges at the ogre to remove his shield and be able to defeat him.