Unlock Blackout, Competitive and Zombie characters in CoD Black Ops 4

How do you get the additional characters? Find out in this guide.

We are not going to tell you that the default Blackout characters are a bad option to play the battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, especially considering that you are going to play in the first person. But of course, in the end we always want more, and Treyarch puts at our disposal a selection of unlockable characters from all eras and modes of the Call of Duty series. How do you get it? For that you have this guide!

Very good: the idea is that each character is unlocked in a different way, so for some you will have to play well and level up; and for others you should get certain items and complete challenges during your games. There are also others that are exclusive to the "Black Ops Pass" season pass, and even some so rare that it is not yet clear what steps to take to get them. Sounds a bit chaotic, right? We will try to guide you a bit.

20 keys to surviving in Blackout, the battle royale of CoD: Black Ops 4

When we talk about a level requirement, we talk about the Echelon system. This is the typical level bar, but applied to Blackout. It will take you a bit to reach the top level, because to score you must do things like kill enemies (10 points each), finish in the top 15 (50 points), top 10 (100 points), top 5 (150 points) or be the last survivor and win the game (100 extra points). Additional challenges you complete earn you points too, but each has a different value. The most valuable one earns you 100 points.

At other times we will talk about getting items and completing missions. Being more specific, these objects are intimately linked to a character, like Woods' bandana. Then, we must complete the challenges that are proposed to us during the game, with the object in our inventory until the very end. If we get rid of the item on duty or don't finish the challenges in the game, you'll have to start over! These strange special items can be found by killing zombies or looting supply crates, so keep an eye out for helicopters and beacons on the map.

NOTE: Since BO4 is a recent release, the community is still struggling to find all the characters. We will be attentive to update the entry with the missing combatants - indicated in each section - when we consider that the information is more secure and verifiable.

How to unlock Blackout characters Reznov and Mason are still a complete mystery.

  • Get the "bandana" item
  • Get on a helicopter
  • Win a game
  • Get the "medallion" item
  • Kill an enemy with a shotgun
  • Kill an enemy with a melee attack
  • Finish a game with the medallion in your possession
RangerEchelon Level 20
Frog ManEchelon level 40
AirborneEchleon Level 60
SealEchleon Level 80
Tanned in combatEchelon Level 80 (Prestige)

How to unlock zombie characters What weapons unlock Bruno, Diego and Shaw? Nobody knows.

ShadowmanUnlocked with the Black Ops Pass
  • Find a machine gun
  • Kill zombies
  • Finish a game in the top 10
  • Find a monkey with cymbals
  • Kill zombies
  • Finish a game in the top 10
  • Find a ray gun
  • Kill zombies
  • Finish a game in the top 10
  • Find a katana
  • Kill zombies
  • Finish a game in the top 10
  • Find the pilot glasses and scarf
  • Finish the game with them in your power

How to unlock competitive characters Nomad and Prophet are still there, hiding, somewhere in Blackout.

  • Find the war machine
  • Get kills with grenade launchers
  • Finish the game in the top 15
  • Find the burned doll in a supply box
  • Kill or burn a downed player with fire
  • Finish the game with the doll in your possession
  • Create a hook with scraps
  • Finish the game in the top 15
  • Find the Annihilator
  • Take kills with the Annihilator
  • Finish the game in the top 15
  • Search for armor plates among fallen enemies
  • Finish the game with three armor plates
  • Find poker chips
  • Finish the game with 15 healing items
  • Finish the game in the top 3 and keep the chips in your possession
  • Find a pack of I Ching coins
  • Avoid fall damage once
  • Finish the game in the top 7 and keep the coins in your possession
  • Find the Torque note in a supply box
  • Deploy two barbed wire and a barricade
  • Finish the game in the top 7 and keep the Torque note in your possession