Deep Down still alive: Capcom renews brand rights once again

The PlayStation 4 exclusive F2P was introduced alongside the console in 2013.

One of the capital minds currently in Capcom, Yoshinori Ono, presented together with PlayStation 4 what was to be the new game of the Japanese company: Deep Down. Despite its early announcement, it has been a long time since any news of the production was known. With PlayStation 4 adding more than two years in the market, its launch is currently unknown.

The last time the product was known was last April, when Capcom renewed its rights to the brand in order to continue taking advantage of it. The latest news has been the same: renewal and further development, a guarantee that confirms that Capcom does not abandon the software. Unfortunately, no new details are known for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Yoshinori Ono seems very busy promoting Street Fighter V, so new data may be known once the fighting title hits the market and a few months later.