Death Stranding has yet to reveal all of its key characters

The last to jump on the bandwagon was Troy Baker, in the guise of a masked villain.

Hideo Kojima continues to offer curiosities and information of interest about Death Stranding through his Twitter. Following the introduction of Troy Baker as the new masked villain at Tokyo Game Show 2018, Kojima shared several concept art images about the main characters that have been revealed thus far, also stating that there are still some to be announced.

As we already mentioned, Guillermo del Toro will only lend his face to the video game, but another actor will play his character. As for the rest of the protagonists, Lindsey Wagner's is nicknamed "the bionic woman", and Mads Mikkelsen's, "the mysterious soldier." In the absence of names for each of them, we settle for their concept pieces, which could receive some modification in the future.

It will be a while until we see other characters, but some already speculate with the inclusion of Stefanie Joosten in Death Stranding. In fact, it could have been seen briefly in the latest trailer for the game.

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