Dead Rising 4 presents its crazy Capcom Heroes mode in video

Frank West will emulate well-known characters such as Dante or Mega Man.

When Dead Rising 4 goes on sale on PlayStation 4, the video game of Capcom will be accompanied by a new game mode that will allow fans to dress up Frank West as some of the best known characters of the Japanese firm such as Dante, from Devil May Cry, or Cammy from Street Fighter, as shown in the latest video game of this action title.

In this mode Capcom heroes not only does the appearance of the protagonist vary, as Frank West will also acquire special abilities typical of all these characters from the Osaka company. How does this game mode work? During the course of the game, fans will find in this post-apocalyptic universe a series of arcade machines with which, when interacting, they will receive the heroic outfits with their respective unique abilities.

In the absence of knowing the full list of characters, Capcom has confirmed the attendance of Sissel, Ghost Trick, Adam, "The Clown"; also McIntyre from the first Dead Rising, as well as Frank West's original appearance. All these characters will in turn have special weapons drawn directly from their respective video games.

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package for PS4 Releases December 5; that same day Capcom Heroes arrives on Xbox One and PC as a free update.