Days Gone and the weather, how does it affect the spawns?

A guide that explains the circumstantial behavior of enemies.

In Days Gone, zombies (spawns) are susceptible to weather conditions: there are circumstances that make them stronger or lower their vision, for example. The game more or less gives us an idea of ​​this mechanic, but maybe you would like to know how the weather affects the spawns of Days Gone exactly. For that you have this guide!

A couple of previous annotations. The first is that the game has a day and night system that works in real time, so looking at the time can help you choose the most productive activity to do. The second is that the weather can also impact other aspects of the game besides the spawns. For example, if the ground is wet, vehicle control becomes somewhat more difficult.

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Day and night Days Gone balances the difficulty of the enemies based on the time. For example, zombies are more lethargic by day and they are less dangerous, but the light allows them to see better. If you're in a pinch, it's a good idea to crouch down and stealthily current to avoid detection.

Just the opposite happens at night. Zombies grow stronger and more aggressive, daring to roam freely and leave their nests to explore. In short, they are more numerous and more dangerous. But there is also a factor that works in your favor and that is that they do not use flashlights, so they see worse and therefore you have more space to move without being detected. It is also the best time to clean nests and unlock new fast travel spots because they are more neglected than during the day.

Rain and snow

Rain and snow have similar effects to those of day and night: they give you advantages on the one hand, and disadvantages on the other. Also, of course, they "superimpose" on the effects that the clock already gives you. The most complete adverse weather of the two is undoubtedly rain.

When it rains, the monsters see worse and also the sound of the water covers your steps. In short, you can camp a little more at your leisure without being detected. The bad thing is that with less light, the spawns also come out of their lairs, so you will see more than normal. They also become more violent, just like at night. Make sure they don't see you! If you go on a motorcycle, try not to exceed too much speed because wet ground and mud can throw your vehicle out of balance and make you fall

Snow is very simple: enemies get strong like when it rains or it is night, but they also see worse. The amount of them that appear in the game world is normal because some remain inside the nests. They don't even want to go out for a walk when it's really cold ...

Additional notes
  • If you need to level up, the perfect weather to get close-range experience is under the snow because it is less dangerous, and strengthened zombies drop more EXP upon dying.
  • You have no interest in leaving at a certain time? You may change the day and night cycle sleeping in a safe location, like a bunker. If it is day, you will wake up at night; if it is night, you will wake up during the day. Simple!