Days Gone: We tell you how to unlock the secret ending of the game

There are several different endings, but there is one of them that is especially shocking.

You may already know that Days Gone has several endings based on a series of conditions that are developed during the game. However, there is a secret ending special, one that requires more conditions than any and that also offers the most surprising result.

Something in the text can be considered a spoiler, we will still try to avoid them as much as possible. For example, without fear of blowing anything up, we can tell you that the game continues after the credits sequence, something that has become more and more common in open world games.

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That's when we can continue completing side missions, empower our character and everything else. In fact, to release this secret ending you have to spend a few hours entertaining until the scientist O'Brian contact us and this will open the mission There is nothing you can do, which begins in the cemetery of Old pioneer.

What happens there will leave the protagonist with his mouth open, but we are not going to tell you. We will let you discover it yourself, what we can tell you is that this mission unlocks a crafting recipe that unlocks a secret weapon and, in addition, also a new skin for the motorcycle among other things. Likewise, it will help us to be somewhat closer to reaching 100% total completion for the title.