Days Gone will be released in 2018

According to Sony, the PS4 video game is now fully playable and all that remains is to polish its open world of zombies.

Many fans expected that the PlayStation Experience that was held last night would leave us new information in the form of release dates of great titles that are on the horizon such as God of War, The Last of Us: Part 2 or Detroit: Become Human, however it has there have been some trailers and announcements but nothing along those lines.

However, there has been some new information about another promising project exclusively for PS4 and we are talking, specifically, about the interesting open world adventure, action and zombies that responds to the name of Days Gone and in which the guys from Sony Bend Studio.

According to Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Interaftive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, the video game will not be released later than 2018 and, remember, that this is the first firm date that is provided for the title ... Even if it is as broad as this one.

Yoshida also stated that the launch is already finished in terms of development, although "with such a big game" they want to make sure that the polishing, testing and different adjustments phase is carefully carried out. He recalled, as if this were not enough, that the video game seeks an approach that allows different styles to the player to face each situation but that, above all, it will be especially focused on the narrative part such as that which characterizes recent Sony products exclusively for Playstation 4.