Days Gone hides an easter egg about The Last of Us: Part 2

The adventure of Deacon St. John worships with a great Easter egg the magical trailer in which Ellie played the guitar.

The studios that work for the same company usually carry out tributes and winks to the works of their colleagues and, on this occasion, it was their own Sony Bend Studio the one who has wanted to worship her companions Naughty dog within Days Gone.

As you can see in the news, with the accompanying image, there is a hidden place on the stage that reproduces with many common elements the place where Ellie plays guitar in the first cinematic trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2.

The common elements are a closet which is virtually identical to the one in the trailer, the same unmade bed, and even a window relatively similar that appears to show a very similar landscape in its background. The unbalancing element? Own guitar Ellie's is under the bed partially covered by the furniture itself.

The information has been sent to us by a user from the community of 3D Games, the amateur Javier Ruiz, who discovered this location in his games to Days Gone. The latest PS4 exclusive.

As we say, it is not at all strange that Sony's internal studios, in this case, carry out tributes, winks and Easter eggs to other titles of its great franchises. In fact, and as a joke, Sucker Punch proposed a nice cross between Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone.

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