Days Gone tells us everything we need to know about its main biker

This is Deacon St. John, the survivor of the PS4 action, zombie and open world video game.

Matthew Groizard, one of the product managers at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has spoken through the official PlayStation blog about some of the characteristics of the protagonist of Days Gone.

"Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St. John, a wandering bounty hunter who barely subsists in the High Desert of the Pacific Northwest," explained Groizard. "We caught up in Los Angeles and behind the scenes with his development team to learn more about the main character and why his story is so important to the game. In this universe, the Bend team is excited to develop. the creation of objects and the wild and inflexible nature of things. "

"Deacon is a dangerous guy, he was a member of a biker gang and with them he learned a lot of things that have helped him survive. It's all about the human condition. This guy has a broken soul. He uses his skills wherever he can… His thirst for violence and chaos helps him to be an ace at his thing. ", He recounted." He is able to find things lying around and create good tools from them. For example, adapt the barrel of your pistol with the same thread used in oil filters. This way, when you find oil filters, you can screw them in for a couple of silenced shots. "

Your most faithful companion? The motorcycle. "The motorcycle plays a very, very important role," says Ron Allen, the game's lead designer. "He is extremely agile. Cars cannot fit in certain places and cannot do things that motorcycles allow. He has managed to adapt his means of locomotion to work well in wild terrain. With a Harley-type motorcycle it would be impossible to do jumps or through types. of land that can be seen around here ".