Days Gone won't miss E3 2017

The actor behind the voice of the protagonist guarantees that he will go "in a big way" to the event.

Despite being one of the most important announcements of Sony in the past E3 2016, silence has reigned throughout the year for the video game Days gone. It seems that we will not have to wait too long to hear from the production, since Sam witwer, actor who has voiced the protagonist of the play, has advanced that the software is not going to lose the E3 2017.

The advance has not remained in the mere affirmation: he also wanted to ensure that the video game will go to E3 "in a big way", without specifying what he means by the expression. However, the mere preview is already very pleasant news for players eager to know new details about what is probably one of the exclusives of Playstation 4 darkest of the moment.

Days Gone was introduced as a third person action video game in which we are invited to placate huge hordes of the undead. After production is Bend Studio, a company known for productions such as Siphon Filter or the Uncharted of Playstation Vita. There are a few days left until E3 2017 begins. Sony's appointment is at 3:00 on June 13, Spanish time.