Days Gone, the new zombies and action from Bend Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4

The game, starring Deacon St. John, will be an open world with zombies that will launch on PS4.

The creators of Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on PS Vita they get older. Bend Studios I was developing something on the current generation desktop console of Sony. Although the development's name had been leaked a few months ago, there were no big clues about the new game they were making, Days Gone.

This is a third person action adventure, the undead and vehicles. In addition to presenting the game they have been able to show a complete gameplay of about 10 minutes showing all its virtues. In short: gunfire and dozens of dead scattered on the ground.

Under the role of Deacon St. JohnAs a vagabond and bounty hunter, players will traverse a volcanic desert in the Pacific Northwest in a world set two years after a global pandemic where nearly everyone died. As many others became Freakers, beings with something more animal than human that evolve rapidly.

Days Gone is about what makes us human. How even when one is faced with a huge tragedy, we find a reason to live The leading trailer of this news shows two classes of these peculiar enemies, the Freakers-Newts, who were teenagers when they were infected and also opportunistic hunters, preferring to run from shadows and a horde. As can be seen on video, these specimens flock and attack as if they were a single opponent on the screen.

Anything else? Yes, in the words of John Garvin, creative director of Bend Studios, the video game explores despair, hope, transformation, loss, madness, discovery, friendship, exploration, brotherhood, sorrow and love. "At the end of it all, Days Gone is about what makes us human. How even when faced with a huge tragedy, we find a reason to live."

Unfortunately, no release date has been specified for what has been one of the first big surprises of the conference of Sony, which just started a few minutes ago. New information about the video game is expected during the next days of the fair. Do not hesitate to follow the conference from the following link.