Days Gone releases yet another update, its fifth patch. What improves?

The PS4 exclusive continues to polish its playable proposal little by little.

Surely the launch of Days Gone will not have been as placid as the boys of Sony Bend StudioHowever, they do not falter in their efforts to polish the title as much as possible to get it ready. We now know that the open world adventure of Deacon St. John has received its fifth patch.

The new update, which brings the video game to its version 1.05, corrects various errors that could lead to the crash of the program and that it launched us to the desktop. The title also solves some aspects such as that, under certain circumstances, the rate of images per second was seriously affected.

It will be necessary to check in the next few days how many of the launch problems have been solved and if others are still present, however the community is already warning that there are still irregularities in the fluidity of the work, many bugs that persist, and that most of audio issues continue to manifest. All this, however, has not been an obstacle to Days Gone being a bestseller.

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