Days Gone: Skills, Personality, and Everything You Need to Know About Deacon St. John

We are going to spend many hours in the skin of the protagonist, discover here everything you need to know about him.

The hero of Days Gone is Deacon St. John, and the truth is that his attitude is not leaving anyone indifferent. The protagonist of the adventure of Sony Bend Studio He is a tough and hardened biker in a thousand battles who also has room in his little heart to Sarah, his wife. Do you want to know everything about the protagonist of the video game? Here we offer you some basic notions so that you become familiar with it and know with whom you “play the rooms”.

Here's everything you need to know about Deacon St. John:

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Your personality

What was said. Deacon is a Tough man, that is the main thing and it is the face that he shows most often. However, it also has another side. The one he keeps for Sarah, his wife, and that we discover as the adventure progresses. Tough with who has to be, and also tender with the love of his life.

We also know that he is not the typical protagonist who takes on the errands that are entrusted to him without question. When he has no choice, he does so by protesting and asking for explanations ... He ends up doing them, of course, but not without complaining a thousand times to those who order them. Sometimes it even gives the feeling that the character himself wants to go outside the limits of the game ... Although that is not always possible.

His skills

In Days Gone we have three skill branches. Melee, Ranged and Survival. Each one of them destined to promote more and more our style of play depending on what it most resembles.

The most recommendable skills?

Shooting with Concentration
In normal difficulty you are not going to be too close to bullets, but it is still worth saving. Along the same lines this ability fits in with which we can slow down time for a few seconds before firing.

Eagle View
Utility or comfort? We really can't tell you what the main motivation for unlocking this skill is, but we do recommend it. It can be tiring to continually press the detective mode button to search for resources, but with this unlock the radius of highlighted objects will go further.

Surely you already know that in any video game critical hits are fundamental, but they are even more so in Days Gone. The thing is, melee weapons break, as you probably already know, and that means they have wear and tear. With this ability unlocked, after a hit you will have a high probability of carrying out a critical, with a quick QuickTime Event, and with it, ending the confrontation as soon as possible.

Day or night?

Any self-respecting open world likes to wallow in formidable technological waste to represent day and night and the cycles between them. However, in Days Gone it is not only a beautiful example of transitions between light and dark, but there is also a utility and a change of circumstances.

By day, bandits They roam freely and you will face a greater number of them and, in addition, their traps, sieges and ambushes. At night the creatures They are the ones that reign, abandon their nests and become the biggest and most dangerous challenge outside, but they make it especially advisable to clean infested areas when they are outside looking for human meat.

Why am I telling you this? Calculate what is best for you for missions. Sleeping does not serve to restore health, but logically resistance, so its usefulness is linked to starting a mission at the time of day (or night) that interests us the most.

An Arsenal to match

The weapons of Days Gone are divided into three ranks. Accessible depending on our relationship with the triangle button, which is the one used to switch between them, or also through the radial menu. The logical thing is to equip various things to try to be effective enough depending on the situation that arises, although as you can imagine it will not be the same to face freakers than bandits.

The point is that there are four types of weapons. And here are some things to keep in mind:

Body to body: If you take a liking to a melee weapon, knowing that they will wear out with use, it is interesting to allocate parts to its maintenance if we have unlocked this ability. For example, it is something that we have not recommended in the skills section because they are parts that can come in handy for the motorcycle. But the moment you have enough money to pay for the repairs in the workshops of the different camps, you will be able to invest in always having your machete ready.

Middle range: Here we find pistols, shotguns, machine guns and all the automatic weapons that do not need maintenance. We can take two, a short and a long, and here we can establish what interests us. For example, a silenced pistol for stealth parts (either with humans or spawns) and a clipped one for close-range combat can be a good mix. If we are interested in automatic machines, there is also a good variety in this area. All of them can be purchased from the camp arsenals and, once purchased, will forever be in our warehouse.

Long-range: In this framework we have the weapons that can help us to give a tactical veneer to the action. For example, the sniper rifle is life insurance for situations that can get ugly afterwards, and it is especially useful for stalking human camps if we have previously marked the enemies with the binoculars. Even quieter, although of uneven precision, we find the crossbow.

accessories: Of course, there are weapons, gadgets and traps that are unlocked as the adventure progresses, but we will not go into them to avoid spoilers. What we can tell you is that you are always very aware of having made as many Molotov cocktails and bandages as possible. Not only because they are very useful, the first to kill large masses of enemies or nests and the second to replenish health without having to depend on medicine cabinets and pills, but also because otherwise we will begin to see how our inventory of raw materials is fills easily.