Days Gone left its creators "with their mouths open" when they saw it in 4K

"All the detail that our artists have been working on can now be seen clearly."

Director of Sony Bend Studio, Chris Reese [/ b], spoke in the framework of last night's PlayStation Livecast about Days Gone and how the announcement of the game has affected the long-awaited PlayStation 4 video game. PS4 Pro.

"For the game it has been really exciting to be able to work on PS4 Pro. What it gives us is a visual clarity that we had not been able to see before. The details in the environment are really striking now, also those of the characters, as in the that everything attracts attention now ... It is, simply, amazing. "

"When we first started it it changed the game completely, it blew us away. The increase in resolution was staggering, and all the detail the artists had been working on could be seen on screen," he said. the creative. "It's an open world, so we have a lot of contrast scenes between very bright open environments and more closed and dark ones. Trying to control all that exposure is hard on certain TVs, but when we did it on an HDR TV everything becomes natural. It's like looking out your office window. "