Days Gone: "Every zombie in the horde acts as an individual"

The study assures that this is something that allows them to work with Unreal Engine 4.

Sony Bend Studios presented in the E3 2016 his new and impressive work, a Days Gone that has raised the illusions of many lovers of video games with zombies. Ron Allen and Eric Jensen, responsible for the study, have spoken about it with the North American portal Gamespot.

"What you saw as a demo is, in fact, one of the missions in the game. It takes place with the campaign quite advanced, you have a goal and an objective, and that is to finish off that entire horde. Depending on how you do it. The approach, the weapons you use, the upgrades you have or the ammunition you carry with you can be enjoyed in many different ways, "Allen said.

Zombies are known by the name of Freakers, but they will not be the only threat in a world that both creatives define as "alive", and in which there are also many uninfected people who are as dangerous as these creatures, since "they are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things to survive".

"There is a cycle of day and night, and since the game is set in the Northwest, the weather conditions are very extreme, and all of that affects the world ... You have never seen a video game like Days Gone, there are a lot of different regions. Mountainous , forests ... "

The title is also created on Unreal Engine 4, and that allows them that the hordes of zombies are not a mass, but have individualized behaviors. "Each creature in the horde makes their own decisions to go after the player but, at the same time, they think as one."