Daymare: 1998, former remake of Resident Evil 2, continues its development

They canceled their Kickstarter recently. They have surpassed the Greenlight of Steam.

Invader Studios has confirmed that his video game, Daymare: 1998, continues its development. It has not been specified how or who will handle the production after its failure on Kickstarter, a campaign that was launched to ask for $ 180,000 and canceled shortly after reaching 40,000. What the game has done is overcome Steam's Greenlight barrier, something they have achieved in a short time.

The team has guaranteed that they will offer new news in the coming months, so we will have to wait to find out what about Daymare: 1998. The title was born with the intention of becoming a remake of the mythical Resident Evil 2; Capcom, when announcing the official remake of the 1998 video game, he requested the termination of the project. Unlike other firms that face news like this, Capcom invited Invader Studios to their Osaka offices to talk and share ideas about the creation of the future remake, of which there are still no dates or data beyond its mere confirmation.

Invader has the support and approval of some heavyweights of the Capcom of the nineties. Among them is Yoshiki okamoto, one of the leading minds of the company in what is probably his most golden age. He worked in franchises like Street fighter or own resident Evil.

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