David Jaffe in trouble: Project canceled and team layoffs

It recently launched the shooter Drawn to Death, which has not been well received.

The prestigious creative David jaffe, the father of the God of War saga, is currently going through a moment that is far from being the best and that is that the failure of his Drawn to Death project seems that it could be weighing down the future of his team.

"I want you to hear it from me before anyone else," Jaffe himself announces on his official Twitter account. "We have a project canceled and we have been forced to fire most of the video game division of the studio Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency . There will be more news, but that's what there is. "

Jaffe, the team's creative leader, declared that the news "breaks his heart" and that it was a "tremendously talented" roster.

There's no word on what project they were working on in this studio, which featured not only David Jaffe, but also veterans from Sony Computer Entertainment America or Rockstar.