David Cage promises a complex, thousands-page script for Detroit

The prestigious creative, in charge of Quantic Dream, talks about his next project.

The creative David cage, one of the most recognizable faces in the world of videogames, has spoken with the official PlayStation blog through a video interview in which he has left some interesting details about what the future of this Detroit: Become Human that promises so much will be like .

"We have a complex script from the beginning, from the first second," Cage said. "Your interactions with other characters and situations have consequences in each sequence, but also maybe beyond. And of course, as the story progresses, everything becomes more and more complex. The script of the video game is thousands and thousands of pages" .

"We tell the personal story of each android," he declared about the different protagonists that we will have to embody in the title. "Everything starts from different points but, of course, there comes a time when everything is intermingled and the different plot arcs of each of them end up coming together and connecting. It will be there when we realize what the whole story is like."

"These kinds of development decisions in terms of covering so much with our alternatives during the game complicate my life a lot as a writer, but let's hope they make the video game more exciting for the user," he concluded.