Dauntless already has a release date for Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One

Phoenix Labs will improve numerous aspects of the game for the occasion.

After a long period of time available with some limitations on its own PC platform, Dauntless is gearing up for a new release that will take place on May 21st. This time we can enjoy it for free on PS4, Xbox One and, if you play on a computer, in the Epic Games Store. On the same day, a new Hunting Pass will also be available, which works similarly to the Battle Pass in other free games.

If you are already an existing Dauntless player, you should know that its re-release will be accompanied by a lot of improvements. For example, the campaign will undergo a facelift, as well as some aspects of the interface. There are also some changes in the economy and progression system to be clearer with our missions, ranks and Mastery.

Finally, Phoenix Labs recalls that it is our last opportunity to purchase support packages from the official website. These bundles include exclusive cosmetics and premium coins to get you off to a good start. If you do not take advantage now, from May 21 you can purchase a similar package, but somewhat more limited, in the new version of Dauntless.

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