Darwin Project ends development: survival battle royale announces server shutdown

Scavengers Studio ensures that the video game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One is not profitable today.

The battle-royale genre may be increasingly populated, and successfully, by various video games, but not all of them manage to win the approval of the public, as shown by Darwin Project, a multiplayer adventure with survival elements that has just announced the end of its development. Scavengers studioalso confirms that will shut down the servers of production at the end of the year.

Simon Darveau and Amélie Lamarche, founders of the development team based in Montreal, Quebec, explain in a statement that they have made this decision, "much to their regret", after verifying how the company's efforts to stop the decrease in the number of active players of the title have not they have paid off. "We have studied all the possible solutions and scenarios but, unfortunately, the Darwin Project can no longer stand on its own," they justify, thanking the fans.

Darveau and Lamarche explain that they are proud to see how a simple idea on paper could become a complete video game with the ability to reach millions of players and form a community, they add, which has not hesitated to send their suggestions to improve the game. videogame. Unfortunately it has not been enough to guarantee the profitability of the project that lived its last update in April.

Scavengers Studio is already thinking about next projects that they have not yet shared details about. Darwin Project was officially launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One a few months ago, and it is presented as a battle-royale with game mechanics focused on hunting, trapping and survival where you not only have to face fierce rivals, but you will also compete for the favor of an omnipotent stage manager.

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