Darksiders 3 will prioritize gameplay over story

Gunfire claims to have learned from the grievances after Darksiders 2 and will not "bombard" players with history.

In an interview with the official PlayStation magazine (September issue), David Adams - co-founder of Gunfire Games - explained that the long-awaited role-playing and hack and slash game Darksiders III "will not bombard" the player with story elements, favoring the Combat and puzzle solving on top of the frequent dialogue and cutscenes of Darksiders 2.

"There are still cool cutscenes, and we have several dedicated to all the 'Sins' and very cool moments dedicated to the story, but we will not bombard you with history; you will go from one place to another fighting and solving puzzles "explains Adams." It is a totally intentional decision ".

The manager also reasoned about the way in which a franchise like Darksiders should evolve. "When Darksiders II came out, people were saying 'what is all this RPG crap doing in my Darksiders game?' You must take certain risks so that the games do not get stuck. But you must walk the fine line between taking risks and betraying the characteristic features of the series. "

Darksiders III will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 27. Recently, we have been able to see gameplays dedicated to bosses or even puzzles courtesy of IGN.