PS4 Dark Rose Valkyrie Comes to the West in June

It is a JRPG developed by some creatives after the Tales of series.

We already have a Western release date for Dark Rose Valkyrie, a JRPG developed by some of the creatives in charge of the Tales series, which goes on sale on the North American and European PS4s on June 6 or 9 respectively. It takes care of its distribution Idea Factory, which is committed to a physical and digital launch.

In this turn-based role-playing adventure, we must protect humanity from the Chimera Virus using the special abilities of the members of a covert military agency called ACID. The great particularity of this JRPG is that, within our group, there is a traitor whom we must also hunt down before he derails our plans for salvation.

With each new game the traitor will be different, so there will always be that fear of knowing who is playing against us.