Cyberpunk 2077: one of the designs hides a secret

One of the new images starts a mysterious game of clues and hidden messages.

Coinciding with the presence of Cyberpunk 2077 at Gamescom 207, the developer CD Projekt RED posted new images and game designs. From Reddit the user alopex51 has drawn attention to a hidden message in one of these production designs. In it you can read a web address that redirects to a mysterious image. When opening it with a text editor, another message appears: "Cesar said: oaawz: //jku-s-tra.jkwyvqlraylk.jvt/pthnl/zljvuk.qwn", which in turn leads us to another image with another cryptic message hosted within the official website of the study. In the latter it can be read: "I can't speak. They are watching us. I need to renew my insurance TT as soon as possible. Use the identification that I offer. I count on you."

Continuing with the game of clues, from the website of Trauma Team International, one of the great corporations of the Cyberpunk Universe, after hiring one of their medical insurance we came to a last image that summons fans to a span of 7 days. We will have to wait and see if the user community is able to find new tracks in this image or if, on the contrary, CD Projekt RED offers more pieces in this fun enigma. It should be noted that the first illustration, with the first URL, it is not the same originally distributed, so many fans speculate that this new promotional strategy may serve as a preview of the publication of a first video with real gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077.

It is not the first time that CD Projekt RED uses computer code to leave clues and surprises to fans. The Cyberpunk 2077 trailer already hid numerous secrets, such as a mysterious website that requires an activation code.