Cyberpunk 2077 will start its promotional campaign soon

CD Projekt Red explains to its shareholders that this year it is going to spend money on the marketing of the futuristic RPG.

The boys of CD Projekt Red, like many other studies, they give many clues about the different stages of their development in an indirect way. On this occasion, it is the Polish portal Stefainwestorow that claims to have clues about the fact that the promotional campaign for Cyberpunk 2077, the new game from the creators of The Witcher saga, will soon begin.

The information explains that the study has been offering important benefits to its shareholders, of almost 200 million dollars in 2017 for example, but that for this year money will not be reported to the holders of team shares. The reason? Those dividends will go to fund the promotional campaign for Cyberpunk 2077, which is about to start.

What does this mean? It is difficult to draw conclusions, but some sources go beyond these mere data and even assure that the launch of the RPG based on the board game could be closer than we expected, and that it could even arrive this year or at the beginning of the coming.

What we do know positively is that the CD Projekt Red studio has confirmed its attendance at E3 2018, which has sparked the rumors of the presentation of its new video game and that, in addition, Cyberpunk 2077 recently gave signs of life on Twitter for the first time in years.