CyberConnect2 works on eight video games simultaneously

Five are for consoles; one is for virtual reality and the other is Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Japanese of CyberConnect2 they are more than busy than ever today. The American portal Polygon has been working on a special for the 20th anniversary of the company and has managed to reveal the number of projects it is currently working on: there are eight video games, five for consoles and one of them is the collaboration with Square enix in the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII. Of the rest there are no details yet.

CyberConnect2 is a company that has always been related to manga and anime video games. Their role in the Naruto franchise has been capital, but they have also managed to sign great animated creations with the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, with two very notable titles. Hiroshi Matsuyama, its president, has attended the medium, which has explained that CyberConnect 2 has a facility in Fukuoka with 190 people and another in Tokyo with 30.

It is known that another of the studio's productions is based in virtual reality, without specifying a platform, and another is an unannounced IP and in collaboration with another associated company. On the peculiar name of the company and its characteristic 2, Matsuyama explains that "they ask me a lot about it. Maybe when there is another president he will decide to change the name."