Curious request from an energy company to those responsible for Fortnite

The company wants Epic Games to take seriously the safety risk posed by power poles.

The Israel Electric Company, responsible for much of the country's energy infrastructure, has sent an open letter to Epic Games requesting that it remove the possibility of climbing power poles from Fortnite. A curious request given that in the game there is no such possibility.

The company's vice president, Oren Helman, explains that his company has invested "enormous resources to educate the public about the dangers of climbing electric poles", and asks the developer to don't encourage the playful aspect of this dangerous activity. This is a strange message, since the characters in the game cannot climb the posts, although yes they can build on and around from them. Despite the fact that both the appearance and the mechanics shown in Fortnite are obviously humorous, this representative of lEC warns of the serious consequences of these actions.

Epic Games has not yet responded publicly to this message, which adds to other news recently starring its star title, such as the proliferation of fake Fortnite events on YouTube, or the expulsion from its events of the professional player disqualified for be under the statutory age.

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