How much would a video game house cost in the real world?

A British mortgage agency calculates the property value in euros of homes in different video games.

The London and Country mortgage agency has published a curious study in which it calculates the real estate value of homes in different video games. Thanks to him you can know how much your house is really worth in Skyrim or the price per square meter in Los Santos. According to this agency, every month, there are more people who search on Google "how to buy a house in Skyrim" than "how to buy a house in London", which shows to what extent this option interests video game fans.

This striking fact makes this company wonder in which video game it is more profitable to acquire a property and that it has probably created the first in-depth analysis of the video game real estate market. This work offers a lot of interesting information. For example, Proud Spire Mansion, the largest home available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is priced at Sept.25,000 unfurnished, so its real-world value would be 52,215 euros. To arrive at this figure, London and Country sets the value of a septim at 1.13 euros, calculating the price of common items that can be bought in Skyrim and in the real world, such as cheese or carrots. This astonishingly thorough study has even taken into account the cost of producing food in Skyrim's pre-industrial setting, comparing it to the organic produce you can buy today in UK supermarkets.

In a similar way, a system is established that allows to calculate that Link's house in Hyrule of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a real value of 58,350 euros at its original price, not counting the discount offered by Bolson; an apartment at the Eclipse Towers in Los Santos costs 920,741 euros; and move Geralt to Corvo Bianco 1,091,200 euros. The report offers prices for a multitude of different homes, from the most humble to the most luxurious. Do not forget to consult the rest of this unique study to know the market price of your properties also in Fallout 4, Stardew valley, Final Fantasy XIV or the Sims 4.