When the Witcher 3 meets the Star Wars Universe

What if Ciri visited a galaxy far, far away, during her travels?

A few months ago we were evaluating the possibilities of Ciri, from The Witcher Saga, visiting the world of Cyberpunk 2077. During a dialogue with Geralt in The witcher 3 the young woman mentions that in her travels through time and space she visited "another world", where she witnessed surprising things. As he describes Geralt, he saw "glass houses" or that everyone had their own "flying ship".

That description closely matches what was shown by CD Projekt RED for his next game, Cyberpunk 2077, although it is easily transferable to any modern or science fiction setting. But the fan who created that singular proposal now offers us an alternative: What if Ciri visited the Star Wars film universe? This risky proposal from Tolkfan is still a nice curiosity, which shows that while waiting for the new and anticipated title of the studio, fans have not forgotten its previous production, without a doubt one of the most loved titles by players in the last years.

In relation to the galactic saga and its future adaptations to the video game world, there has been no official news about Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order since Respawn briefly presented it at last E3. Regarding the other open world Star Wars game, Jade Raymond has specified that EA will use part of the work of the adventure from Visceral Games and that its team will have experts of the genre.

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