Who is the best villain in the Far Cry saga?

Emblematic names such as Vaas Montenegro, Joseph Seed or Pagan Min parade through 3DJuegos. Who has been the scariest?

Far Cry 5 has just been released, and with it we have received yet another great antagonist for the collection of nemesis of the Far Cry saga. Joseph Seed joins a sinister Olympus of the infamous where he shares a throne with the villains of other video games in the series such as Pagan Min or Vaas Montenegro. In this article you can find all the main baddies of the installments of the Far Cry series released so far. What is your favorite?

Dr. Krieger - Far Cry and Far Cry Instincts Scientist - Age Unknown

The first Far Cry was developed in 2004 by CryTek and, at that time, the German studio had no idea that the saga would end up being characterized by the quality and the passionateness of its antagonists. That is why Dr. Krieger is quite discreet as a villain, although even so he is characterized by interesting things. His right arm was the violent Richard Crowe and his army of mercenaries, giving him room to focus on his scientific prowess. Lucas Krieger is the dark father of the dangerous mutant creatures that stand up to Jack Carver, and his secret base is located on a volcano ... In true Bond villain style.

The Jackal - Far Cry 2 Arms Dealer - 53 years

With Ubisoft already at the controls of the franchise, the French company quickly realized that if in an FPS you don't see the main character, at least you have to try to have a villain who gets around the difficulty of building charisma for the hero. His first experiment was that of El Chacal from Far Cry 2, from 2008, the first game in the series that became strong in the playable concepts and total freedom that would end up characterizing it as a brand. This veteran arms dealer has participated in numerous wars in the African continent where this shooter was set, and that has left him disenchanted, but also knowing what he does ... Something that even allows him to have quite revolutionary ideas about life and death , almost typical of Nietzsche. And, if at the beginning of the campaign he already presented himself as a dangerous character, he reveals himself as the adventure progresses as a true criminal mind.

Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3 Mercenary - 27 years

The real star of FarCry 3, beyond even its highly polished shooter mechanics and gripping open world, is Vaas Montenegro. Not in vain was he the first villain in the saga to star in most of the promotional campaign, as well as posters and covers of the video game. Montenegro, the leader of the pirates, is a cruel, brutal and unpredictable nemesis, probably the most intense and radical antagonist of those who have passed through the Far Cry series to date. A bad guy to the core, a manual villain. Sadism and psychopathy made character.

Hoyt Volker - Far Cry 3 Slave Dealer - 43 years

If everyone remembers Vaas Montenegro as the great villain of Far Cry 3, it is for his undeniable charisma and explosive personality, but behind him is the no less fearsome figure of Hoyt Volker. This South African slave trader defines himself as "the source of the island's evil" and is one of the most sinister and cruel characters of all who have passed through the Far Cry saga. As in real life, all the fame went to Vaas, for being much more spectacular, but Volker was not far behind in terms of cruelty.

Ike Sloan - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Army Colonel - Age Unknown

2013's insane Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon began life as an expansion to the success of the original video game, quickly becoming a cult phenomenon that garnered almost as much attention (in some circles even more). . His villain was Ike Sloan, as parodic as the rest of the elements that made up Rex Colt's adventure. Sloan was the protagonist's former commander, another cybersoldier commander of an entire army of cyborgs who rebel against a possible end to future hostilities between the United States and Russia. A villain as endearing and friendly as the rest of the winks and tributes that make up the video game.

Pagan Min - Far Cry 4 King - 48 years

The self-proclaimed king of the fictional country of Kyrat is another of the great names in the Ubisoft franchise and, after Vaas, surely also the most remembered. Presumably intended to soften Montenegro's volatile character, in FarCry 4 Pagan Min was an even more complex and puzzling character. Dangerous and cruel, yes, but also with a somewhat more elaborate personality point that suffered some truly surprising mood swings and even had room for personal moments. A somewhat more three-dimensional counterpoint to the villain of Far Cry 3, but equally insane and volatile ... Or even more!

Ull - Far Cry Primal Tribe Chief - Age Unknown

Primal changed the third and, after several installments destined for the modern era, changed that type of setting for a fascinating primitive backdrop. The dangerous Udam were the tribe that served as a counterpoint to the much more peaceful people of our protagonist. Your commander-in-chief? Amid all the disorganized chaos of a tribe of the time, Ull earned the respect of his companions with his fearsome appearance and brutality. With an unhealthy obsession for the protagonist, Takkar, this cannibalistic giant and unscrupulous even for the time was another great villain to remember.

Batari - Far Cry Primal Priestess and Chief of Tribe - Age Unknown

If Ull was the brutality and savagery of Far Cry Primal, Batari was the subtlety. The Daughter of the Sun, of the Izila, commands the tribe with an iron hand. He tries to win our favor as warriors, like so many other villains in the Far Cry saga, but after receiving the rejection of Takkar, he swears eternal hatred. Manipulative and sharp-tongued, Batari is the franchise's great female antagonist to date, and while she competes in interest with the fascinating character Faith in Far Cry 5, the one we've chosen is far more important to the narrative.

Joseph Seed - Far Cry 5 Sect Leader - 44 years old

The Seed as a concept of "family" are the group of villains in Far Cry 5. Since the video game is divided into regions, you have to face John, Jacob and Faith before reaching Joseph Seed himself. All of them are quite interesting, especially her, however Joseph is the capital figure of this title and, once again, the one who starred in its entire promotional campaign. The Father, leader of the La Puerta del Eden sect, is the great antagonist of the new and, so far, the last shooter of the series. A character whose shadow extends throughout the narrative, but whose ideas about the world mixed with drugs that override the will of the people, becomes an ominous, diabolical and terrible figure.