Criterion thought of first-time VR players for its Star Wars: Battlefront VR Experience

The first test with the X-Wing, although successful, is not as fast as expected. The developers explain themselves.

¿Criterion Y Star wars together in a virtual reality experience of Star wars on the back of a X-Wing? Is there anything better than that? Although the 3DJuegos journalists liked the experience a lot, it is no less true that it is somewhat slower than we could imagine for the Star Wars universe and the creators of Burnout. We asked one of the company representatives about it, Jeff seamster, who spoke to us clearly about the project.

"When we began to develop the virtual experiences of Star Wars we did it with accessibility in mind, preventing them from getting dizzy at our controls, since for many it will be the first great virtual reality experience they have, so there is a responsibility at the time of making games of the present nature, "he assured. Worried about our particular "disappointment", he asked us with a laugh, "you need more push to make it look more like Criterion, right?"

Seamster acknowledged that the surprise to see people "including journalists, who had not yet had access to virtual reality until now. We want people to feel good at the controls: speed ends up being related to dizziness, so we wanted to be cautious about making an experience like Star Wars: Battlefront VR. " The content will arrive in October, exclusively for the users of Star Wars: Battlefront in Playstation 4.