Crash Team Racing: Vicarious interested in making a new game

Of course, the production company of N. Sane Trilogy leaves it in the hands of the success in sales of the remastered trilogy.

Rescue Crash Team Racing? The possibility has been put on the table in recent months after the landing of the remastered edition of the trio of original releases of the license, Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, and now, according to the producer of this compilation, it is a possibility shuffled from the study in charge. Of course, it all depends on how the compilation works in sales.

"I can't talk about this, these decisions are not up to me. The first thing is to see how this game works. But I would love to work on another Crash game, it has been something wonderful," laughed Kara Massie, from Vicarious Visions, to the Game Central portal about a possible new Crash Team Racing. For now, we will have to wait for the launch of N. Sane Trilogy this next June 30 on PS4.

In another vein, Kara Massie cleared up doubts about whether those responsible for adapting Destiny 2 to PC are the same people responsible for the marsupial adventures: "" We are currently a separate team. "