Crash Bandicoot is back! His trilogy will be remastered and premieres in Skylanders: Imaginators

Crash is back, but not in the way fans of the Naughty Dog franchise once expected.

Crash Bandicoot is back ... in Skylanders: Imaginators. This possibility was speculated a few days ago and it has become a reality. Although users expected a new adventure from the charismatic character, they will have to settle for the figure and the possibility of bringing him back in the game of Activision.

Of course, from Vicarious Visions they promise to be great followers of the iconic hero and promise to offer players a true crash experience. "It was not an easy task, but I am happy to say that I am very happy with the version brought to life. We have kept the unique and quirky personality of Crash for the 3D character and the new toy," they explain in a statement on the blog. from PlayStation.

Speaking of Activision, Sony has announced an agreement with the company to bring back the original trilogy in a series of remasters. No details have been specified about the remasters or platforms on which they will be released yet, it is expected that Sony or Activision finalize details soon.