Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy on Switch Leaked in Store

Activision has not yet made the announcement official.

We've been hearing over and over for months that Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, until now exclusive to PS4, will be released on other platforms, but to date, Activision the announcement has not been made official. The situation could change shortly if we look at the information that appeared in the XtraLife online store, which places the video game launch on Nintendo Switch, without specifying a date.

Always bearing in mind that this leak could simply be a mistake, this Spanish store places the price of the remake of the classic Crash Bandicoot trilogy at 49.99 euros. Although the information is no longer available, as was the case with the PS4 version, XtraLife offered a folding Aku Aku Frisbee as a pre-order incentive.

In the absence of an official confirmation by Activision, in recent dates it has also been rumored that the Spyro the Dragon trilogy will be remastered first on PS4, and later on other platforms as, in principle, it would happen with Crash Bandicoot : N. Sane Trilogy. It remains to wait for an official statement to resolve these doubts.