Crash Bandicoot includes a level that Naughty Dog dismissed as difficult

Stormy Ascent is available as a free download until August 19, after which it will cost $ 2.99.

Back in 1996 the Crash Bandicoot original, and it counted in the initial plans of Naughty dog with a level so devilishly difficult that, finally, they chose to discard it. We talk about Stormy ascent, an area that is now available for free download by fans who own the Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy.

According to Taylor Kurosaki, level designer for the video game, this was "one of the last phases that I finished during production. When we were preparing the final master to send to Sony, the decision was made to remove level. It was playable, but extremely difficult and we ran out of time to soften the difficulty a bit. "

Vicarious visions, the person in charge of the remastering, had access to the level code (which remained on the original disc but without the possibility of accessing it) and decided to undertake the work that the studio did not have time to carry out originally.

The level is available at no cost until August 19 in both the American and European markets, however from then on it will cost $ 2.99 (at least the first one).

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