Crackdown 3 could launch sooner than we think

Microsoft's action video game receives an age rating in Brazil, a common step before being released.

Despite the fact that Crackdown 3 has not shown any signs of life in a long time in terms of showing in-game content or making playable features public, the truth is that the latest news about the title of Reagent Games It was very exciting since Phil Spencer assured that Crackdown 3 would soon give signs of life ... Of course, he did not get to clarify when. Now we still have nothing firm, but we are already beginning to suspect that its launch is closer than we thought.

For what is this? The Brazilian age rating agency, which has already made the entry disappear from which now only a brief Access Denied label can be read, indexed Crackdown 3 in its listings with a +16. Giving the age rating to a video game is one of the maneuvers that are usually carried out in the final stretch of development, when everything is already finished and there is little time left for it to be put on sale.

The video game for Xbox One and Windows 10, surely, will offer important news in the coming dates with, surely, some kind of big announcement at E3 2018 that begins in just over a month.