Things you didn't know you could do from the PS4 menu

The user interface of the SONY console hides some practical surprises that you may not have known about.

It is very possible that, spending so many hours playing on your PlayStation 4, you have not invested too much time in exploring the different menus of your console and the possibilities that it treasures. And it is that the user interface of Sony hides some configurable options that can make your gaming experience something even more pleasant.

We present you some things that, perhaps, you did not know you could do from the dashboard from your PS4.

  • Start of different sessions
    If your PS4 is used by more users, you can avoid having to choose one of the profiles every time you start the console by making the most used profile connect automatically. Go to "Login Settings" and select "Automatically sign in to PS4". If you have a Playroom, you can activate "facial recognition" to automatically log the profile to the camera.
  • Keyboard method
    Clicking the cursor is not the only way to type on PS4. Alternatively, when the virtual keyboard appears on the screen, you can press R3 and use the DualShock 4 motion sensors to quickly select letters and press X to select. If you prefer to use a faster input method, you can slide your thumb across the remote's touchpad to select the letter you want. But you can also connect a keyboard to a USB port on your PS4 and start typing.
  • Quick menu
    By holding down the PS button, you can display the quick menu for convenient access to frequently used functions. The spaces and options in this menu can be customized according to your own habits. Just select the "Custom" item.
  • Trophy guides
    If you are having difficulty unlocking a specific trophy, PlayStation 4 allows you to access its guides easily. To do this, you just have to scroll through the list of trophies, select the desired one and press the "Options" button. From there you can select "Search the Internet" to get help on the web.
  • PlayStation Plus Hub
    If as a PlayStation Plus user you want to find out about all the news and suggestions of your subscription, such as exclusive discounts and the free games of the month, you just have to select the first icon from the left of the PlayStation 4 menu.
  • PS4 as main system
    Activating the PS4 as the primary system can extend the benefits of the PlayStation Plus subscription to all users of the console. To activate the PS4 as the primary system, simply go to “Account Management” and select “Activate as Primary PS4”.
  • Notifications
    For more control over notifications, go to "Notifications" from "Settings" and select the types of messages you will receive during game sessions. You can also turn them off completely while enjoying your favorite movies or series selected that are not shown during video playback.
  • Configure the DualShock 4 buttons
    From the menu, head to Settings, then Accessibility and finally Key Mapping. Here you can freely choose how to remap the various buttons on the controller. Although the function is designed mainly for those users with motor problems, it is also very useful to reconfigure the controls in games that do not have it.
  • Zoom, colors and contrast
    Back in Accessibility, you'll find options like "Larger Text", "High Contrast" and "Invert Colors". With the "Zoom" function, in particular, you can enlarge a part of the screen while holding down the Square button and the PS button, making the menus easier to read.
  • Console name
    Why have a console called PlayStation 4, like everyone else's, when yours can be called, for example, Kratos or Solid Snake? If you want to change the name of your console, go to "System", select "System Information" and let your imagination run wild.
  • Voice commands
    To activate voice commands, select "Use PS4 with voice commands" in "Voice control settings", Keep in mind that you will need a microphone connected to the system to enjoy this option.
  • Switch between apps
    You can instantly switch from one application to another of the last two you have used, by pressing the PS button twice. A function that will be very useful if you are playing games and using, for example, the browser.
  • Instant capture
    To take a screenshot you must press and hold the "Share" button for a few moments, but if you wish, you can do it even with a simple press of the button. To change the “Share” button settings, in the menu go to “Share & Streaming”, select ”Button Control Type” and “Simple Screenshots” instead of the “Standard” setting.
  • Standby
    In idle mode, you can take advantage of several useful features while the console conserves power. Go to “Power Saving Options” and choose “Sleep Mode Features”. Here you can select three functions to stay active during sleep mode. Power supply to USB ports: to charge the DualShock and keep it connected to the console via the USB cable. Keep the app suspended- Applications are suspended so the next use of the console can quickly resume from where it left off, without loads. Stay connected to the internet- To download data and updates while the console is in sleep mode, a very useful feature to save valuable time between downloads.