Barrier-Free Co-op: We Talk to Gearbox About Borderlands 3 Level Balancing

The difference in level between some users and others will no longer be a problem to play in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 has been presented with great success in Los Angeles. The Gearbox video game, surely one of the most anticipated of the remainder of the year, has shown a great finish and has managed to convince users who wanted to return to Pandora to continue the story of its charismatic characters. One of the novelties of Borderlands 3 has been the Level Balancing, which will allow players to access cooperative games with a difficulty that will change the statistics in a way equivalent to the levels of the players involved in the game. How was the concept born in Gearbox? One of its producers tells us, Chris Brok.

"Yes, I think it's a huge addition. As we got older in the studio and the average age increased, we realized that it was more and more difficult to play cooperative with other friends. It was hard to set a time to play, and now that We have children, who have a schedule to go to bed. So it was very important for us to find a solution so that people could play without being left behind in the Borderlands 3 experience, so the Level Balancing is incredible, "he said to 3DJuegos. How does it work? "Enemies are leveled, so it will feel appropriate for everyone. If you are level 10 and I am level 25, the game will feel appropriate for each other's level."

Will it be mandatory to play like this? Not at all, Brok recommends that, "if it's not something people like, they can just turn it off and go back to the classic game mode." Randy Varnell, writer of the game, also celebrated the addition, guaranteeing that "all the math happens behind the scenes and means that regardless of your level, enemies for you scale to adjust. So something with 100,000 health for you in level. 20 will have 50,000 health for someone at level 10, for example. The system does all of that behind the scenes to maintain a similar experience for both players. "

Varnell shared Brok's tune, and told us that "the key to this is that we were able to respond to one of the most common requests from the community, about playing together and not letting your friends leave you behind." The game will be released on September 13 and can be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Don't miss our recent playable impressions of Borderlands 3.

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