Collect all weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2

A complete guide to weapons and locations, including specials.

By now, chances are you're already familiar with several weapon archetypes from the Red Dead Redemption 2 arsenal: we have revolvers, pistols, rifles, repeating weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, a bow, several throwers and many other melee. Rockstar has nurtured each category with a variety of common and many unique pieces, and since the latter are missable, in this guide we will show you where you can get all the weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2.

We advise you in advance that most weapons are obtained during the story and are immediately unlocked in the armories of all cities. Generic weapons can be modify with accessories, but not the specials. These are usually obtained from the corpse of special characters, such as gunmen; Although there are also some predefined for GTA Online players who complete specific challenges or for owners of a special edition of RDR 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2: all gold medals and 100% history


The only bow that you can get in the game is obtained during the mission "The Aftermath of Genesis" in Chapter 1, to hunt fawns. Since it is mainly used for the same purpose, it cannot be customized. Anyway, you will have other much more varied weapons to shoot human NPCs.

Repeating Weapons All of these weapons are obtained throughout history, and once obtained, they can also be purchased from armories.

  • Repeating carbine
  • Repeating lancaster
  • Litchfield repeat

Thrown Saving the Ancient Tomahawk, the other weapons are unlocked in all the fences and the Trapper by completing certain missions in Chapters 1, 2 and 3. You cannot customize any of the list.

  • Tomahawk
  • Throwing knife
  • Incendiary bottle
  • Dynamite
  • Ancient Tomahawk - Found in Calumet Gorge (Wapiti Reservation), placed on an Indian bullseye

Body to body

  • Antler Knife: On a bear carcass, northwest of the Hanging Dog Ranch.
  • Hunting knife: starting equipment
  • Broad Blade Knife: On a corpse in the Beryls Dream mines, near Mount Shann.
  • Civil War Knife: In a box at Fort Brennand, southwest of Van Horn.
  • Jaw Knife - Complete "Proof of Faith" by handing over all dinosaur bones.
  • Broken Pirate Sword - On a shipwreck south of Saint Denis.
  • Rusty Hunter's Hatchet - In a tree between O'Creagh's Run and Elysian Backwater.
  • Hunter's hatchet: in a tree, south of Window Rock.
  • Rusty double-edged hatchet: in an Annesburg tree, north of the mine.
  • Double-edged hatchet: in a tree trunk, northwest of Wallace Station.
  • Stone hatchet: in the Indian cemetery, north of Owanjila. Only by completing the requirements in GTA Online.
  • Carving hatchet: in a tree south of Moonstone Pond.
  • Viking hatchet: in the grave northeast of Beaver Hollow.
  • Hatchet: in the perists, after completing "Dear Uncle Tacitus" (chapter 5).
  • Macheta: in the peristas, after completing "Dear Uncle Tacitus" (chapter 5).
  • Machete: in the peristas, after completing "Dear Uncle Tacitus" (chapter 5).


All of these weapons are acquired throughout the story and are also unlocked from armories shortly after first obtaining them. It is worth noting that the log shotgun is one of the special content weapons of RDR 2, you can visit that guide to know how to claim it if you have the Special Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game. The exotic shotgun It is somewhat special: it is obtained from the corpse of the Hermit, a special character who lives in a cave to the west of Hanging Dog. Completing your event will take a lot of time and visits.

  • Slide shotgun
  • Double barreled shotgun
  • Repeating shotgun
  • Exotic shotgun
  • Sawed-off shotgun
  • Semiautomatic shotgun

Rifles All these weapons are unlocked in the armories as you progress through the story of chapters 1 and 3. The Varmint rifle, of course, is part of the arsenal included in the Special Edition and Ultimate Edition of RDR 2.

  • Bolt-action rifle
  • Springfield rifle
  • Varmint rifle

Precision rifles

Two of the three sniper rifles in the game are unlocked in armories by progressing through the game's story. The other is the exotic Rolling Block rifle, a special missable weapon. It is obtained next to the corpse of a concrete marksman settled in a barn during the mission "Hunting the Wizard" (Chapter 3).

  • Rolling Block rifle
  • Exotic Rolling Block Rifle
  • Carcano rifle

Pistols Most of these weapons are unlocked in armories later in the game, but we highlight several special cases: both the semi-automatic pistol and the Mauser pistol are exclusive to the Valentine and Saint Denis armories, and the Volcanic pistol - although generic - is included with special editions of the game. The midnight gunFor its part, it is a special weapon: you can take it from Billy Midnight by beating him in a gunfighter duel. She starts looking for him at the Rhodes train station.

  • Mauser pistol
  • Volcanic Gun
  • Midnight Gun
  • Semi-automatic pistol

Revolvers Beware, is there any spoiler below!

  • Cattleman revolver: initial equipment.
  • Schofield Revolver - Obtained and unlocked in Armories throughout the story.
  • Algernon's Revolver: Obtained by completing "Duchesses and Other Animals", after collecting all the collector's items.
  • Calloway's Revolver: Obtained in the last bars of the quest "The Nobler Men ... and a Woman" after dueling the gunmen.
  • Flaco's Revolver: Find him next to the body of Flaco Hernández after fighting a gunfighter duel with him. Look for him by Lake Cairn.
  • Granger's Revolver: As in the previous case, it is found after eliminating Emmet Granger in a gunfighter duel. Follow her photo trail to Flatneck Station.
  • Micah's Revolver - Examine the frozen corpse at the end of the game's "American Poison" shootout.
  • Otis Miller's Revolver: It's hidden in a chest in Rattlesnake Hollow, north of Cholla Springs.
  • Double Action Revolver: Obtained during the story, then unlocked from Armories. There is an exclusive gold version for eligible GTA Online players.

Armories Catalog

Cattleman RevolverOutlaws of the West (1)
Repeating carbineOld friends (1)
Volcanic GunTo the east (1)
Springfield rifleTo the east (1)
Varmint rifleTo the east (1)
Sawed-off shotgunEnter, haunted by a memory (1)
Double barreled shotgunAn Engagement Visit (2)
Slide shotgunSpilling Oil (2)
Double action revolverAn unusual kindness (2)
Repeating lancasterAn American Pastoral Scene (2)
Rolling Block rifleSheep and goats (2)
Schofield RevolverBlessed are the meek? (two)
Bolt-action riflePreaching forgiveness in its wake (3)
Semi-automatic shotgunA pleasant night of debauchery (4)
Semi-automatic pistol (Valentine and Saint Denis only)The joys of civilization (4)
Mauser pistol (Valentine and Saint Denis only)Murfree Territory (5)
Repeating shotgunVisiting hours (6)
Litchfield repeatGoodbye, dear friend (6)
Carcano rifleGoodbye, dear friend (6)