Tips and tricks for a good start in Sea of ​​Thieves

We share a guide with initial tips for Sea of ​​Thieves for PC and Xbox One.

Sea of ​​Thieves is finally here! Rare returns with a very nice multiplayer proposal that is available on Xbox One and PC with Windows 10. Whether you want to sail the seas alone or if you already have your friends enrolled in the ship's crew, from 3DJuegos we share the best tricks, tips and notices that you should take into account for your first hours of travel on the high seas.

Character Editor Shortly after launching Sea of ​​Thieves for the first time, we stumbled upon the inevitable character selection screen. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that Rare's work does not have an editor to use, and that it is not possible to change characters as if nothing else.

You will find a selection of random characters created by the same developers, and you only have the option to select / deselect favorites and generate new pirates. As you can imagine, a favorite character will stay on screen even when calling in a different wave of sea lions.

Later, you will be able to change your pirate's clothing and certain accessories, as well as his haircut and beard (the latter also in women) but his sex and physical features will remain intact. So make sure you choose the pirate correctly with the sex, physical complexion, ethnic and physical traits that you like. If you wish, you can remove a pirate to create another, but doing so will lose all progress recorded for that character.

Gold and progression One of the most controversial aspects of Sea of ​​Thieves is its almost non-existent progression: since all the unlockable items have only cosmetic value, is it fair that a newbie has the same chances as someone who has spent many hours? Be that as it may, you'll want to dress up your pirate and your ship in the style that suits you the most.

And that's where the game wins "sauce": you need to buy all these items with gold, and to get gold you will want to loot and sell loot, as well as doing missions for the various factions in the game. The Gold Hoarders, the Merchant Alliance, and the Order of Souls are an excellent — and often low-risk — way to earn money. However, increasing your reputation in a faction is not the only way to continue your marine journey.

When you have mastered the main aspects of the game and have a reliable crew, you will probably want to participate in the 'raids' or fortress raids, which are marked with a huge skull in the sky. Inside, countless skeletons await you, and a captain who drops the key to the fortress when he dies (or dies again, rather). Inside, succulent treasures await.

To give you an idea, you would earn roughly 5,000 to 10,000 gold in five hours of normal missions, and 10,000 to 20,000 gold in a single successful raid. You see the difference? Of course, you'll need a well-organized and well-communicated team to make it off the island… and off the island as well: other players will want to claim the loot, so it's not uncommon for you to compete for mission control with other groups of people. Let them fight to the death to sink your ship.

Missions and factions As mentioned before, Sea of ​​Thieves has three different factions: the Gold Hoarders, the Merchant Alliance and the Order of Souls. You don't need to swear allegiance to any of them, but keep in mind that each has its own progression branch. "And what is better?" you will say to yourself, "to improve a single faction to the maximum, or to take all more or less equal?" Since all unlockables are cosmetic, that depends more on what you want to achieve: each faction will give you access to different rewards, and as you level up you will also get different missions.

Thus, the first voyages (which is what they call the missions in this game) are free, simple and always orbit around nearby islands, which is why they are called initiation voyages. Once you raise a faction to level 10, their representative will sell you voyages for a small down payment and they will be more complicated to carry out. But they pay better!

The type of journey is also different between each faction, although they have in common that they will send you to look for a certain type of object, and once you find it you will have to return to an outpost to exchange it in the form of gold and reputation. . There are faction representatives at every position on the map, so don't worry about where you drop your loot. Just make sure they don't steal it on the way.

  • The Gold Hoarders will ask you to search for buried treasures on the islands. By accepting a mission, you will get one or more maps. Try to identify them on the on-board map, and once on the island, each where you mark the X. You know how this works! Sometimes you will have to face nearby skeletons, too.
  • The Merchant Alliance will ask you to gather animals or bananas for them. The appearance of animals is almost random on the islands, and some missions require you to deliver within a certain period of time. The best thing you can do is take note of the islands where you have seen the animals in the past. For example, it is normal to find chickens on Chicken Island, but be careful which ones you take: some animals must have a very specific color pattern.
  • The Order of Souls will ask you to defeat the fallen captain of a certain crew and bring his skull back. The problem is that you will often have to deal with the smaller skeletons first, and sometimes there is more than one elite skeleton. Also, not all skeletons are killed the same: some will require you to wet them with a bucket full of water before they can be damaged, for example. Speaking of fighting, did you know that you have a couple of techniques aside from the normal saber? Holding down the attack button will unleash a powered frontal slash, and if you jump while protecting yourself you can dodge. Also, shooting in the back with a blunderbuss can give you an instant kill even in PvP.

Navigation tips Here is a list of tips that will be useful to you on board a ship. Considering this is how you will spend most of your time in Sea of ​​Thieves, not bad!

  • If you want to pivot a boat without it moving over the water, you must retract all the sails and raise the anchor. Once the boat is still, but with the anchor raised, you can use the rudder to turn it from the same place. If you have to make a sudden maneuver while traveling, this is also an excellent way to do it.
  • Did you see the movie Battleship (2016), by Peter Berg? You can reproduce the characteristic "skid" scene with the boat by simply dropping the anchor while going at full speed. This can be useful on occasion, but it is also risky because you can create holes in the helmet.
  • As for the holes, if you are in an emergency, always try to cover those in the hold first, and then those in the captain's cabin. This is so because the holes below fill the boat earlier than those above.
  • You'll know you're really taking advantage of the wind when the sails are so tight they make the mast creak. If you hear that creak and a little music plays in the background, you are going full speed.